Point Pleasant Inn and Resort

Point Pleasant Inn and Resort
333 Poppasquash Rd.
Bristol, Rhode Island
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Phone: 401-253-0627
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Website: http://www.pointpleasantinn.com

Point Pleasant Inn & Resort is located on Poppa-squash Point in historic Bristol, RI on a waterfront hillside overlooking Bristol Harbor. This historic country manor offers a rare look of life from the pages of countless romance novels. All guests suites offer luxurious accommodations, spectacular water and garden views. Check in for a holiday that you will never forget. Complete with signature amenities, Italian linens, down comforters, well appointed rooms and suites with all the right touches! Point Pleasant Inn is an all inclusive bed and breakfast resort that offers an open bar, swimming pool, hto tub, tennis court, sauna, fitness center, billiards room, bikes and many other amenities. Once you stay here, you'll be back for more! The view will take your beath away…

Listing Category: Listing in Travel Guide, Listing on Web
Region: East Bay
Guide Category: Stay- Accommodations
Function Space Available:No

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