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Beau Vestal
Beau Vestal
New Rivers
Hailing from Sarasota, FL, New Rivers chef Beau Vestal has been delighting diners with his straight forward yet creative approach to modern bistro cooking for years. Part small farm and sustainable farming advocate part charcutier and butcher, Beau's food celebrates the highest quality local produce and meats available. Whether it is the dizzying array of greens and vegetables brought to the back door almost daily, handcrafted artisan products, or whole animals raised with care from local pastures, diligent sourcing is what forms the building blocks of the food at New Rivers.

Favorite Recipe
White Onion Pesto
Prep. Time: 10 Min
Level: Very Easy
Serves: 3-5

New Rivers
7 Steeple Street
Providence, RI 02903
Phone: 401-751-0350