Get ready for the most exciting spectator viewing sport this winter. The Army-Navy football game comes to Gillette Stadium but Rhode Island is the place the stay! 

The event details and ticket information can be found here. 


All season has led up to this legendary weekend, and we want your stay in Rhode Island to be as exciting as the game–or close to it. Speaking of close, here in Providence, you’re only a 30-minute drive from the action at Gillette Stadium. And less time spent in traffic means more time exploring Providence and the surrounding areas. From awesome events and tours to mouth-watering cuisine to comfortable accommodations, we’re here to help you plan an amazing weekend you’ll never forget. And be sure to visit Providence’s official website to get even more game-time inspiration.

Exciting Events

There’s always something fun happening in Providence and elsewhere around the state. Our events calendar will help you find the perfect outing for your team while you’re here for the game.

Build Your Rhode Island Itinerary

Create a game-winning playbook for your big weekend.

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Rooms Where Your Team Can Huddle Up

Don’t forget to rest up for the game and the rest of this fun-filled weekend. From cozy to luxurious, you’ll find the perfect stay in the Providence area that fits all budgets and tastes. Book your room today!

Where to Eat

The Ocean State is world-famous for its cuisine. Whether you’re celebrating a big win or toasting to a better season next year, you’ll find just what you’re craving in Providence’s many eateries.

Fun & Informative Tours

Rhode Islanders are some of the most welcoming people you’ll ever meet, and we love showing off this incredible state of ours. Discover our beautiful city and surroundings, as well as our fabulous food, centuries of history, inspiring art, and anything else you want to learn about with our tours.

Breweries, Wineries, & Distilleries

Providence is home to dozens of spots crafting delicious concoctions. Perfect for group outings, we welcome all who want to take a taste of our lovingly made libations. Some locations even offer tours.