Fall Weekends Boost On-The-Farm Income

Every dollar that you spend on Rhode Island's farms this fall helps keep them in place and in business.

The agricultural seasons have many parts to them and not all of them generate income for RI's farmers. The growing seasons may extend from February to Christmas, but obviously, some parts of the seasons generate more sales than others. Add to that the weather, and you begin to understand how important are those times when farmers can maximize sales right on-site. Fall is a big winner for them and for you and me - if everything goes right.

Between August 15th and October 15th (and later for some), farmers can earn as much as 60% of their total annual income from the food and greenery that arrives this time of year as well as from other activities that happen right there on the farm - hay rides, fruit picking and pumpkin patches, corn mazes and all sorts of fun things for you and your family to purchase and enjoy.

Any time of the year is important to our farmers, but this fall you have a chance to contribute as well - and to thank them for the bounty they provide all of us...

The preceding article is from the newsletter "The Fence Post," published by the Rhode Island Center
for Agricultural Promotion and Education. Subscribe at http://www.rifarmways.org/index.cfm/fuseaction/enews.main/index.htm

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