10 Ways In Which Gansett Cruises Is Socially Responsible

10 Ways In Which Gansett Cruises Is Socially Responsible

1. Buys local within Rhode Island for food and beverages served aboard the vessel; supports local businesses who are making specialty foods and beverages.

2. Recycles all cardboard, plastics and glass bottles from food service aboard the vessel.

3. Serves beverages from vendors using returnable bottles; uses returnable containers from certain food vendors.

4. Provides cloth towels for hand drying instead of paper towels aboard the vessel.

5. Cleans and disinfects interior surfaces with non-aerosol vinegar/water solution; vessel is chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) and aerosol free.

6. Recycles oil from the Caterpillar 3306 engine – more than 50 gallons annually

7. Cruises with engine speed typically at 1200 rpm or less for maximum fuel efficiency

8. Pumps holding tank only at approved septic stations; zero overboard discharge of waste.

9. Reuses passenger boarding passes (thousands annually) instead of throw-away tickets..

10. In business offices, buys only 100% recycled paper for printing and buys recycled ink cartridges; cuts paper waste by maximizing use of email, digital files and web-based information distribution to customers, media and general public..

The M/V Gansett is itself a recycled item – the half-century old 50’ wooden vessel, used as a lobster and fishing boat decades earlier, was restored in 2005/6, put back in service as a tour and charter boat in 2007.

Photo by Onne van der Wal.

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