Rhode Island Preservation Trivia from Preserve Rhode Island

Rhode Island Preservation Trivia!

What are the lowest and highest properties on the National Register?
HMS Cerberus, 30 feet below sea level and Captain George Dorrance House, Jenks Road, Foster at 558 ft

What is the oldest property on the National Register?
South Winds Site, North Kingstown, 8000 years old

What is Rhode Island's first local historic district, and when was it created?
South Kingstown Local Historic District (1959), with North Kingstown close on its heels.

Who is the longest serving State Historic Preservation Officer in the United States?
Fred Williamson, since 1969

What is the biggest National Register district?
Historic Village of the Narragansetts in Charlestown, contained within the area bounded by Routes 2 and 112 on the east, Route 1 on the south, King's Factory Road on the west, and Route 91 on the north, 8.75 square miles or 5600 acres

What was Executive Order number 10 of 1977?
Governor J. Joseph Garrahy signed Executive Order 10 to create the RI Heritage Commission (double-check once sz gets fax from State Library) in 1977.

What was the first tax credit rehab in RI?
Moshassuck Arcade (part of Bay State Mill), North Main Street, completed 11/18/1977

What construction project took so long to complete that it turned into a preservation project before it was occupied?
MasonicTemple(Providence), begun in 1927, completed 80 years later in 2007.

Who was a founding member of the PHDC, PPS, PRI, RIHPHC, and SWAP and knew how to feed 10 people out of a can of SPAM?
Antoinette Forrester Downing

What were RI's first ten properties to be listed as National Historic Landmarks and on the National Register?
All landmarked on October 15, 1966 and subsequently added to the National Register: Brick Market, Touro Synagogue, Wanton-Lyman Hazard House, US Naval War College, and Colony House in Newport; University Hall, First Baptist Meeting House, Roger Williams National Memorial, and Roger Williams Park Historic District in Providence; and Gilbert Stuart Birthplace in North Kingstown

What state has the most historic buildings per square mile?
Rhode Island!

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