Grow Smart's "Blueprint for Sustainable Prosperity"

Released prior to the 2008 election season, the tool provided research and policy recommendations to candidates about a broad set of strategies for restoring prosperity by capitalizing on Rhode Island's vast untapped potential

Rhode Island is an outstanding, dynamic and distinctive place but it is looking weak and sliding into a defensive crouch these days. To accelerate constructive discussion and action on the many policy challenges and opportunities facing Rhode Island, Grow Smart released a 2008 Candidates' Briefing Book, entitled, "A Blueprint for Sustainable Prosperity and Enhanced Quality of Place".

The book's release is a non partisan effort to promote better understanding of growth and development issues and various strategies and best practices to tap Rhode Island's full economic, environmental and social potential.

At its heart smart growth is about encouraging a pattern of development that prevents waste - waste of buildings and neighborhoods, of environmental resources, energy, tax dollars, of people's time and of people's individual and collective potential.

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