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Rhode Island Hotel Month - January 1-31, 2022



Frequently Asked Questions


How do I determine my Hotel Month discounted rate?

Easy. Take whatever discount you want to apply (a minimum of 30%) and multiply that by your ADR, subtract that from your ADR, and that is your Hotel Month rate! 

Can I create multiple offerings at different price points?

Definitely! For instance, last year many properties had different promotional rates for king rooms, queen rooms, junior suites, and suites. Just make sure your Hotel Week rate is at least 30% off your ADR (including online booking sites) for each room type and fill out a separate form for each price point.

What are the dates of Rhode Island Hotel Month 2022?

Hotel Month 2022 begins on Saturday, January 1, and runs through Monday, January 31, 2022.

Can motels, inns and B&Bs participate, or just hotels?

Yes! Rhode Island Hotel Month is open to all Rhode Island hotels, motels, inns, and B&Bs.

How can my property particpate?

Easy! Just fill out and submit the sign-up form and someone from Visit Rhode Island will contact you to go over the details.

What kind of information do I need to provide?

We'll need the basic hotel information including property name, address, phone, email, website. We'll also need contact information for the person we can speak to about Hotel Month participation. Then, we'll need rate information and five (5) high-quality photos of your hotel (.png or .jpg). You can also include your social media channels, a booking link to your online reservation page for Hotel Month, and/or a promo code. That's it!

Who sets the room rate for Hotel Month?

You do! The Rhode Island Month promotion is based on a discounted percentage of your ADR. Properties must offer a minimum of 30% off their ADR (including online travel sites) but can offer a discount greater than 30%. Each property determines which rate works best for them!


Can my property create a special package for Hotel Month?

Absolutely! Examples of ideas that worked well last year include dining credits to onsite restaurants, gift certificates to local restaurants, tickets to local attractions, spa treatment credits, a complimentary bottle of wine, etc. Consider passes to a local winery, beer or spirits tasting, gift cards to local shops, tickets for events that coincide with their visit... Be creative!

Just remember that regardless of add-ons, the rate discount has to be a minimum of 30% to participate.