Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge

Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge
Pardon Joslin Road
Exeter, Rhode Island
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Phone: 401-949-5454
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The Audubon Society of Rhode Island’s largest property, Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge in Exeter, contains 937 acres of fields, diverse forest habitats, pond, streams (including a lovely waterfall), and a historic cemetery. Easy access via Route 102, ample parking, wonderful scenery, towering white pines and pleasant hiking make Fisherville well worth the visit. The refuge abounds with diverse habitats ranging from white cedar swamps to upland beech forests. Fisherville’s unusual “kettle holes,” dotting the landscape, were created 18,000 years ago when chunks of ice broke free from the glacier that covered the entire state. The indentations were filled by glacial melt water, which, once melted, left these kettles.

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Region: South County
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