Behind Still Life - The Silence of Color
Behind Still Life - The Silence of Color
Just Art Gallery at The Plant
October 11, 2013 - November 3, 2013
Friday October 11th 6pm - 9pm
Free Admission
Part II of the Trilogy, The Silence of Color. German artist living in Italy for 30 years will be exhibited. His works find tradition in Italian paintings yet he does not follow its path of expressionism, instead developing his own figurative language spanning from Piero della Francesca to the Metaphysical painters of the 20th Century. The incongruent perspective, the chimerical light and the compact fields of colors suggest not only the suspension of time (the primary feature of De Chirico's works), but also the figurative calm of Carrà, the concreteness of Sironi and the meditation upon the relation between form and color as seen in the works of Giorgio Morandi.
Just Art Gallery at The Plant
60 Valley Street 107B
Providence, Rhode Island
401 272 0820
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