Hera Gallery

Hera Gallery
10 High St.
Wakefield, Rhode Island
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Phone: 401-789-1488
Email: Use the online form to contact this property
Website: http://heragallery.org
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Hera is a proactive community of artists who are passionate about bringing fine art to South County and the larger community. Hera Gallery promotes a professional artistic presence for emerging and established artists who are dedicated to their creative practice. In addition to a full schedule of exhibitions, Hera strives to engage the public through programming such as lectures, talks, film and video screenings, performance and spoken word. Established in 1974, Hera Gallery is a non-profit artist-run arts organization that has continued to stimulate discussion and challenge perceptions for over 40 years.

Handicap Accessible or Service No Smoking Allowed No Pets Allowed
Listing Category: Listing in Travel Guide, Listing on Web
Region: South County
Guide Category: Arts & Culture- Galleries
Access: Complete wheelchair access (H)
Admission: Free
Parking: Parking available
Restrictions: No pets, Smoke free facility
Open Season:Closed in January
Hours of Operation:Wed-Fri 1:PM-5:PM, Saturday 10:AM-4:PM
Function Space Available:No

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