Federal Blues Museum and Armory

Federal Blues Museum and Armory
42 Baker St.
Warren, Rhode Island
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The carriage barn, built in 1860, serviced the DeWolf residence located on Main Street. In 1991, the building was moved 500 feet to its present location adjacent to the Fireman's Museum. In the process of being restored to the standards if the Department of the Interior's Standards for Historic Places, it is the permanent home of two historic 1760 French cannons that participated in the 1778 Battle of Rhode Island. These cannons are the only known artifacts from this battle, which liberated Newport from British rule. The Federal Blues Charter was incorporated in 1798 for protection of the state during the quasi war with France. Disbanded in 18121, the charter was reactivated in 1976 in order to preserve the military history of Warren.

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Region: East Bay
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