The Massasoit Historical Association

The Massasoit Historical Association
59 Church St.
Warren, Rhode Island
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Phone: 401-245-0392
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A two-and-one-half story brick Colonial gable house (1752), built by the Rev. Samuel Maxwell and the home of James & Level Maxwell, prominent ship owner and merchant. The house features a massive central chimney with two beehive back ovens. Simple ground featuring and eighteenth-century herb garden. The Association charges itself with the collection and preservation of historical data and relics pertaining to the town of Warren and its history; to care for and preserve the Maxwell House, to preserve and mark buildings, landmarks, and other objects of historic or architectural interest; to conduct events and activities, to educate, and to stimulate an interest in local history.

Listing Category: Listing in Travel Guide, Listing on Web
Region: East Bay
Guide Category: Heritage- Mansions & Historic Homes
Admission: Free
Heritage Federal Registry: National Register
Heritage Seasonality: Open year-round

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