Governor Sprague Mansion

Governor Sprague Mansion
1351 Cranston St.
Cranston, Rhode Island
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Phone: 401-944-9226
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Former home of politically and financially prominent Sprague family. Birthplace of two Rhode Island governors and current headquarters of Cranston Historical Society.Birthplace of the Cranston Print Works and the place where Rhode Island Judicial history was changed by the murder of Amasa Sprague in 1843. William Sprague IV was also one of Abraham Lincoln's most important Civil War Governors. Twenty-eight room, 2 1/2-story house built in 1790; addition, 1864. Carrington collection of Oriental art objects. Authentically restored Sprague parlor and sewing cabinet. Restored carriage house and stable containing carriages, sleighs, pony carts. Tours are arranged by appointment.

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Region: Warwick & West Bay
Guide Category: Heritage- Mansions & Historic Homes
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