First Baptist Church in America

First Baptist Church in America
75 North Main St.
Providence, Rhode Island
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Phone: 401-454-3418
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Oldest Baptist Church in America; congregation gathered in 1638 by Roger Williams.The Meeting House, erected in 1775, was an artistic triumph, featuring a magnificent Waterford crystal chandelier dating from 1792, designed by Joseph Brown. Flawlessly preserved.

Handicap Accessible or Service No Pets Allowed No Alcohol Allowed
Listing Category: Listing in Travel Guide, Listing on Web
Region: Providence
Guide Category: Heritage- Historic Sites
Access: Complete wheelchair access (H)
Admission: Charged
Method of Payment: Cash only
Parking: Parking available
Restrictions: Alcohol prohibited, BYOB, No pets
Heritage Federal Registry: National Historic Landmark, National Historic Site, National Register
Heritage Preservation Society ownership: RIHS
Heritage Seasonality: Open year-round
Function Space Available:No

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