Newport Vineyards and Winery

Newport Vineyards and Winery
909 East Main Road
Middletown, Rhode Island
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Phone: 401-848-5161
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Originally planted in 1977 on a hill overlooking Rhode Island Sound with the goal of producing fine table wines and as a way of preserving beautiful agricultural land from rapid development. Chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, cabernet franc, merlot and Riesling. Today the family-run winery is one of the most modern in the Northeast and offers tours and tastings daily from its 60-acre vineyard. Groups welcome; function facilities and restaurant on-site.

Handicap Accessible or Service
Listing Category: Listing in Travel Guide, Listing on Web
Region: Newport County
Guide Category: Culinary- Vineyards & Wineries
Access: Complete wheelchair access (H)
Method of Payment: Cash, Debit, Major credit cards, Personal checks
Parking: Parking available, Parking free
Culinary Seasonality: Open year-round
Tours Seasonality: Open year-round
Tours Type: Self- guided
Groups - Parking: Free parking, Motor coach available
Groups - Services: Greeter available

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