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Action Speaks: 1980 Diamond v. Chakrabarty
Action Speaks: 1980 Diamond v. Chakrabarty
AS220 Performance Space
October 3, 2012
5:30-7:00 pm
Free Admission
The Supreme Court case that helped put a for sale sign on our genes.
This case that first secured the right to patent life, set the stage for the biotech revolution and a debate about what can be monetized.

Action Speaks looks at contemporary issues through the lens of history by using underappreciated moments of the twentieth-century, and provides a venue for fellow citizens to engage in thoughtful discussions about history, culture, and current events.

This year Action Speaks looks at moments when the rights of the individual have clashed with the needs or beliefs of the public and where the line between private and public has been defined or blurred.
AS220 Performance Space
115 Empire St
Providence, Rhode Island