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ART OF A KING: A Martin Luther King, Jr. Open House
ART OF A KING: A Martin Luther King, Jr. Open House
Providence Picture Frame
January 19, 2013
Saturday 5p.m.-9p.m.
Free Admission
In conjunction with Clean FUN. and Providence Picture Frame, the Rhode Island Historical Society invites you to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend with us.

Clean FUN. takes pride in hosting alcohol and profanity free events that are centered on the arts. Feel free to spread the word and COME :-)

FINE ART GALLERY: Featuring "Year of the Massq" live painting and other local artists

PRESS GALLERY: Peruse our exhibit of historical documents and articles leading up to and following the death of MLK, Jr.

OPEN MIC: Share your profanity-free creativity, 6pm-8pm


- All ages are welcome
- There is lots of PARKING
- The venue is behind Benny's on Branch Ave.
Providence Picture Frame
27 Dryden Lane
Providence, Rhode Island