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Willis Stepp
Willis Stepp
Public Kitchen & Bar
For as long as he can remember, Chef Willis Stepp was always cooking. He discovered his love for all things culinary at a small restaurant in Old Lyme, Connecticut, where he worked as a prep cook during his academic career at Southampton College. Amidst prepping onions and cutting coleslaw, Willis realized that his passion was in the kitchen and not in marine vertebrate zoology.

His artful culinary presentations quickly captured the attention of Mohegan Sun, and from there, Chef Willis’ career launched. He soon found himself at Tuscany, working under one of the most respected, and charismatic chefs in the world, Todd English.

Prior to taking on the role as head chef at Public Kitchen & Bar, Willis was capturing diners’ imaginations with innovative flavor combinations at Trumbull Kitchen, a hip downtown small-plate restaurant owned by the Max Restaurant Group. Trumbull Kitchen further ignited his creativity with a no-holds-barred attitude in cooking, and catapulted Willis to the forefront of culinary trends; anything went, and suddenly complete global cuisine was fair game. His focus shifted to marrying local produce and crafted beer into globally accentuated flavors.

Chef Willis brings those intricate flavors and cooking techniques to Public Kitchen & Bar; here you’ll find sexy dishes with a textural twist. Simply prepared, locally sourced and complex in flavor, Willis’ dishes are always fun to eat.

Public Kitchen & Bar
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