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Johanne Killeen And George Germon
Johanne Killeen And George Germon
Al Forno
Johanne Killeen and George Germon are chefs/owners of Al Forno Restaurant, which opened in Providence in January 1980. Al Forno, which literally means “from the oven'" was inspired by the opulence and style of Northern Italy's fine cuisine, which makes
extensive use of wood-burning ovens or open-flame grills Killeen and Germon became enamored of Italian cuisine when they lived and traveled throughout Italy. Johanne worked in a tiny restaurant outside of Florence, and George taught for Rhode Island School of Design's European Honors Program in Rome at
Palazzo Cenci. The couple's training in the fine arts, Killeen as a photographer and Germon as a sculptor and architect, is reflected in the sense of design displayed in the restaurant's interior as well as in the creative presentation of their dishes. “For us, our restaurant, Al Forno, is simply an art project that keeps evolving. The kitchen is our studio, and the food we cook is like a canvas that is continually being repainted, changed, and refined. Food is eaten the way art is perceived;
it is digested and recorded. Given the right circumstances, a connection is made and
communication takes place, which is what art is all about." Indeed, the food that Killeen and Germon serve at Al Forno has led to national recognition
for the husband/wife team. They are most famous for inventing grilled pizza, and in recent
years, have garnered international acclaim, catching the culinary world's attention with
their oven-baked pasta dishes, vegetable combinations fragrant with garlic, olive oil, and
Mediterranean herbs, and their superb desserts all cooked to order with the freshest ingredients.

Al Forno
577 South Main Street
Providence, RI 02903
Phone: 401.273.9760