Escobar's Farmhouse Inn

Escobar's Farmhouse Inn
2072 East Main Rd.
Portsmouth, Rhode Island
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Phone: 401-293-5777
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This pristine farmhouse has been completely redesigned and refurbished to serve as an inn offering all the amenities of an upscale hotel, but in a cozy and intimate setting. Escobar's Farmhouse Inn is owned by Jane and Louis Escobar, and run by Innkeeper Dawn. The inn is located across the street from Escobar's Highland Farm, one of Rhode Island's few remaining dairy farms. The Farm was acquired by Louis' father in 1937. The Inn has always been a dream for Jane, and she has worked diligently for several years to create a comfortable "home away from home" for her guests. Full Country Style breakfast included

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Region: Newport County
Guide Category: Stay- Accommodations
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