This resource is intended to be a one-stop-shop for food related businesses to find technical assistance, grant funding, or financing. 


How to use the Airtable Form:

  • Use the Airtable Magnifying Glass in the right hand corner of the tool to search by word or phrase.
  • Airtable Filter allows you to filter through and remove record groups. Click "Filter" and "Add Condition." Alter the "Name", "Contains" and value field as desired. Try, for example, "Filter" where "Resource Offered" is "Financing" 
  • Airtable other is located at the bottom of the form. You may download the CSV file or enlarge the tool
  • Scroll using the side bar  
  • Hover over a record and click to enlarge.
  • See "More Information" link to go to the partner organization's website

Financing Resources


Grants & Incentives


Technical Assistance



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