Relish Rhody depends on statewide, regional and national research. Browse the reports below by category or search by keyword in the search box. 


How to use the Airtable Form:

  • Use the Airtable Magnifying Glass in the right hand corner of the tool to search by word or phrase.
  • Airtable Filter allows you to filter through and remove record groups. Click "Filter" and "Add Condition." Alter the "Name", "Contains" and value field as desired.
  • The tool is automatically grouped by the Sector field. You can change by clicking Airtable Groupand altering the grouping function. You can group by year or author.
  • Airtable other is located at the bottom of the form. You may download the CSV file or enlarge the tool.
  • Scroll using the side bar or bottom bar to see the resources. 
  • Hover over a record and two arrows Airtable Arrow will appear. Click the arrows to expand the record. 
  • You can view or download the PDF by clicking on the image or the resource link.


Research & Reports

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