Newport, Rhode Island, never experiences a dull winter, thanks to the annual Newport Winter Festival. For ten days each February,  this annual event radiates warmth and enthusiasm, transforming cold weather into an opportunity for adventure and entertainment.

Brimming with activities, the festival transcends age, preference, and taste. Music wafts through the air from live performances, tribute acts, and even a silent disco. Comedy shows provoke joy, and local talents seize their moment on the festival stages.

The Newport Winter Festival also celebrates cuisine. Visitors indulge in local dishes or sample wines and beers, all while witnessing chefs create culinary masterpieces during demonstrations. The Chili Cook-Off—an open challenge to local restaurants and chefs—further enhances the competitive spirit.

Inclusive of all age groups, the festival engages children through workshops and interactive shows, not forgetting ice sculpting demos. The brave-at-heart can participate in outdoor activities, such as ice skating.


Music and Entertainment

The Newport Winter Festival pulsates with music, offering a vibrant array of live performances. Visitors find themselves swaying to the beats of diverse genres, from rock to folk, jazz to blues.  Changes in Latitudes, the country’s premier tribute show to the Mayor of Margaritaville, Jimmy Buffett wants you to come and enjoy dancing and listening to all of Jimmy's top hits! This nationally acclaimed band travels the country with beach balls and leis flying, dancing conga lines, and “Trop Rock” fun for all.

The festival introduces a unique experience with its first silent disco, where dancers groove to music only they can hear and control through wireless headphones. 

Laughter weaves itself into the festival's entertainment fabric. Comedy shows, featuring both established and up-and-coming comedians, lighten the winter mood with their contagious humor. Whether you prefer stand-up comedy or comedic plays, the festival guarantees a hearty laugh to shake off the winter chill.

The festival also extends a platform to local talents, encouraging them to showcase their skills. One such spectacle is a magic show that captivates and entertains the audience, irrespective of age. The celebration of local talent adds a layer of community spirit to the festival, transforming it into more than just an entertainment hub.

Gourmet Experiences and Tasting Events

The Newport Winter Festival lies at the heart of all things culinary, sparking joy among food enthusiasts. It's an unmatched chance to savor the enticing flavors of local and international cuisines, enhanced by the enchanting winter festivities.

Food tastings are the core of these events, offering a feast of gourmet delights. Festival visitors sample an array of dishes, experiencing Rhode Island's rich, varied food culture. These tastings are more than just a gastronomic delight, they foster a sense of unity and camaraderie, as people bond over good food in the chilly winter air.

Wine, cocktail, and beer enthusiasts have their moment too. The festival arranges tastings of wines and local brews, each with its distinct taste and aroma. But it's not only about the enjoyment of the beverages. It's also about gaining an appreciation for the craftsmanship and process behind each bottle. Be sure to check out these highlighted events; Beer Dinner at the Mooring, the Annual Best Hot Drink Contest, or the Tropical Drink Competition. 

The Chili Cook-Off adds a fiery twist to the winter festivities. Local restaurants and chefs compete with their finest chili recipes, aiming for the prized title. The scent of simmering chili fills the air, enticing everyone to experience the unique blend of flavors. The focus isn't solely on the competition, it's about honoring the culinary talent that thrives within the local community.

The kiddos and let's face it adults too are sure to enjoy some ooey gooey Mac & cheese in the Mac & Cheese Smackdown!

The Newport Winter Festival is more than just a source of entertainment. It's a platform to participate in gastronomic adventures, appreciate diverse cuisines, and celebrate the art of cooking in a lively, festive atmosphere. It's the ideal mix of taste, fun, and celebration.

Fun for the Whole Family

The Newport Winter Festival offers a joyful winter experience for everyone, from toddlers to grandparents. Its interactive workshops and outdoor activities create a delightful family atmosphere, promising an unforgettable winter outing.

The festival’s entertainment focus is on interactive shows and workshops that stimulate children's curiosity.  Music lovers can enjoy Jazz for Kids at Greenvale, while the adults can enjoy a local wine tasting, wear your favorite princess attire, and attend a Princess Party, or enjoy a relaxing moment a the Teddy Bear Musical Celebration and Story Time.  A great outdoor activity is watching skilled artists craft frosty masterpieces during ice sculpting demonstrations. These captivating shows not only ignite their imaginations but also encourage them to be creative. 

Fun-filled entertainment for the whole family continues with Robert Clarke Magician/Juggler Extraordinaire who travels across New England engaging all ages in magic, comedy, juggling, and more. This non-stop show is always a crowd-pleaser.  Young ones (and the young at heart) are sure to enjoy the Toe Jam Puppet Band - get ready to sing along!

The Newport Winter Festival successfully combines entertainment with education, making it a beloved winter tradition for many Newport families.

Discover the Winter Magic in Newport 

The Newport Winter Festival transforms this city into a winter wonderland so grab your family and friends and plan your winter getaway this February. This event offers unforgettable experiences for two full weeks filled with an exciting blend of entertainment, culture, and culinary delight for everyone young and old alike. Its unique charm lies not just in the activities but also in its ability to bring communities together in Rhode Island's coldest season.  A bonus for 2024 will be the Newport Burger Bender which is coinciding with the festival. Restaurants are competing for the title of "Best Burger" around town - go grab a couple and vote for yourself.  Visit Rhode Island this winter and see how Newport turns frosty weather into festive cheer. Don't let this opportunity slip by. The Newport Winter Festival is a celebration of winter you won't want to miss!