Block Island 

Imagine a place where time slows down, surrounded by unspoiled natural beauty, rich in history, and filled with local flavors. This is Block Island, a hidden gem in the heart of New England, tucked away in Rhode Island. The small island brims with stunning landscapes, captivating historic sites, and a warm, friendly community.

The coastline of Block Island boasts some of the region's finest beaches. Enjoy a quiet stroll along sandy shores or a cooling dip in the ocean. Or perhaps, you'd prefer lounging under the sun, accompanied by the rhythmic lullaby of waves. Yet, there's more than just beaches. Rolling hills and maze-like trails wend their way through the island, each one beckoning with the promise of fresh adventures, whether that's bird-watching, hiking, or biking.

On Block Island, history springs to life. Time-weathered lighthouses and quaint Victorian architecture serve as living relics of Rhode Island’s past. As for culinary delights, the island excels in fresh seafood dishes and locally brewed beverages that are true testaments to its maritime roots. History buffs, nature enthusiasts, or food connoisseurs alike will all find Block Island a uniquely memorable getaway.

Experience Pristine Beaches and Ocean Activities

Block Island's pristine beaches will captivate you with their natural beauty. The paradise-like Crescent Beach offers a long stretch of fine sand and calm waters, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, or simply soaking up the serene seaside ambiance.

Scotch Beach is popular with young adults just as the aptly-named Baby Beach is great for those with small children. Adventure seekers won't be disappointed. The island’s rich marine life and clear waters make it a prime spot for diving. If snorkeling is your thing, we recommend Surf Beach.

Ready for a thrill? Try water sports! Whether it's paddleboarding, sailing, or surfing, there's an ocean activity for every taste and skill level. Many of the beaches around Block Island offer rentals and spaces for water sports activities.

Enjoy a Relaxing Beach Day

If relaxation is your goal, the beach is yours to enjoy at your own pace. Build a sandcastle, read a book, or laze under the sun. As the day comes to a close, stay to witness a stunning seaside sunset. The sky's transformation into a painting of orange and purple hues is a simple pleasure that Block Island offers.

If your version of relaxing is to take a romantic beach stroll while holding the hand of your partner, turn your direction to Andy’s Way.

At the beaches above and many others, you'll encounter stunning views, diverse aquatic creatures in a vibrant underwater world. Access to the beaches of Block Island is always free, making this an even better option for those enjoying Rhode Island.

Historical Sites and Charming Villages of Block Island

Block Island, a treasure trove of history, invites you to explore its majestic lighthouses and charming architecture. Begin with the grand Southeast Lighthouse, a stalwart guardian perched on the island's cliffs since 1875. Ascend its towering steps for a sweeping view of the island and the vast Atlantic Ocean. Continue your exploration with the North Light, another historical beacon housing a museum filled with captivating maritime artifacts.

Block Island's rich history also shines through its architectural heritage. A leisurely stroll around Old Harbor reveals charming Victorian-era buildings lining the streets. Their ornate designs and vibrant colors offer a glimpse into the past. Step inside some of these converted homes, now quaint shops and bed and breakfasts, to appreciate their meticulously preserved details.

As you wander the island, you'll encounter quaint villages each exuding its own charm. Local artists have transformed these hamlets into creative hubs, with studios and galleries displaying works inspired by Block Island's natural beauty and history.

Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting the bustling farmers market. Located in the island's heart, this lively gathering spot offers a chance to mingle with locals, sample fresh produce and homemade goods, and exchange stories. The vibrant atmosphere and welcoming spirit truly embody what makes Block Island special.

Gaspee Days Festival

Every year, the Gaspee Days Festival, held in late May and early June, vibrantly celebrates Rhode Island's history. This week-long event invites locals and tourists alike to partake in the culture, reminding us that history is not just about the past but a reflection of Rhode Island's continuing spirit of independence and resilience. For this year, the Gaspee Days Festival began on May 18 with Proclamation Day.

Started in 1965 to commemorate the bicentennial of the Gaspee Affair, the Gaspee Days Festival quickly became a cherished tradition due to its inaugural success. Since then, the festival has grown, while maintaining its core purpose of honoring Rhode Island's revolutionary spirit.

Engaging Events and Activities

The festival offers a variety of activities to engage all age groups. At the arts and crafts fair, local creatives display their work, providing a unique shopping opportunity. The Gaspee Days Block Party is an adults-only celebration on May 24th at Pawtuxet Park. The festival's highlight is a parade on the second Saturday in June, featuring local dignitaries, civic organizations, and bands from neighboring states. Other activities include a 5k race, fireworks, a colonial encampment, and concerts from local bands.

The aforementioned Gaspee Days Parade, scheduled for June 8 this year, showcases the Colonial Fife & Drum Corps, whose performances in traditional colonial attire transport spectators back to the 18th century. Rhode Island's ceremonial Independent Military Organizations also march in the parade, expressing their commitment to preserving the state's history.

A Reenactment to Remember

The festival concludes on June 9th with a reenactment of the burning of the HMS Gaspee, a dramatic spectacle held at Pawtuxet Park. This event captures the historic tension and triumph of that night, embodying Rhode Island's revolutionary past and enduring spirit of resistance.

Community Engagement and Traditions

Gaspee Days are a pillar of community participation. Rhode Islanders from various backgrounds contribute to the festivities, fostering a sense of shared heritage. Local businesses bolster the events through services, sponsorships, or donations, reinforcing the bond within the state.

Rhode Island's schools use Gaspee Days to immerse students in the state's history, assigning projects related to the Gaspee Affair, instilling pride in the state's role in the nation's formation.

Gaspee Days: A Symbol of Persistence and Unity

Gaspee Days transcend historical context, serving as a testament to unity and the bravery of those who stood against authority. These celebrations remind Rhode Islanders of their ancestors' resilience.

A Unique Celebration of History and Future Hope

Rhode Island's Gaspee Days shine a light on American history, reflecting strength and unity. These events encourage us not only to honor our past but also to inspire future generations.

We invite you to join us and immerse yourself in the festivities of Gaspee Days! Participate in the annual festivities, connect with our lively community, and feel a sense of pride and belonging. It goes beyond merely recalling our history. It also means acknowledging our current identity and realizing our potential for the future. Instead of merely reading the narrative, be a part of celebrating it with Gaspee Days!