Rhode Island Implements New COVID-19 Risk Assessment Protocol

The Rhode Island Department of Health is implementing a new COVID-19 risk assessment based on updated guidance from CDC. The guidance measures risk on a county-by-county basis. Four of Rhode Island’s counties are currently considered high-risk areas. For more information, please visit CDC’s web page COVID-19 Community Levels.

To search for your county, use the COVID-19 County Check tool.

How can I get a COVID-19 test?

There are several ways to get tested for COVID-19 in Rhode Island. Click here to find the test site closest to you.


Things to Do in Rhode Island for the Adventurer

Since its boisterous beginnings as the first state to declare independence from England, Rhode Island has been a state that embraces audacity.  Home to rebels, revolutionaries, dare devils and pirates, we have plenty to offer those looking to leave their comfort zone at home. Seafarers can take to the water for some of the best surfing in New England, diving, parasailing, fishing and boating, while land lovers can hit the trails on foot, horseback or bike.  The truly daring can try skydiving or shark cage diving.  And the best part?  In Rhode Island, you can go from the beach to the board to the trail all in the same day.  Whether your wanderlust tends to air, land or sea, in Rhode Island you’re never far from your next great adventure.

Click around on the map below and check out our Adventure Activities page to find fun and exciting things to do on your visit to the Ocean State!

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