Where to eat in Rhode Island

Travelers from around the world have discovered Rhode Island offers an amazing variety of top-quality restaurants. Visitors searching for new culinary experiences will find Rhode Island to be a restaurant paradise, worthy of the praise lavished by such publications as the New York Times, Gourmet and Esquire.

Of course, fresh seafood is our staple crop with an abundance of traditional New England fare and unique, local specialties. With the Atlantic Ocean in our back yard, it's not surprising to find visitors who have trekked a few hundred miles to enjoy the absolute freshest seafood in the Ocean State. Rhode Island 's restaurants are quite creative with their seafood recipes and presentations.

The influence of Rhode Island's diverse multicultural base on the restaurant scene has been tremendous. But don't expect to find just the traditional menu. The state's ethnic influence is readily translated into its diverse menu of food offerings. Italian, French, Portuguese, and Near Eastern and Asian foods mixed and mingled in delightful ways sure to entice any palate. Full yet? You haven't even had dessert.

It is not surprising that a vacation in Rhode Island is always in good taste.

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