Rhode Island Implements New COVID-19 Risk Assessment Protocol

The Rhode Island Department of Health is implementing a new COVID-19 risk assessment based on updated guidance from CDC. The guidance measures risk on a county-by-county basis. Four of Rhode Island’s counties are currently considered high-risk areas. For more information, please visit CDC’s web page COVID-19 Community Levels.

To search for your county, use the COVID-19 County Check tool.

How can I get a COVID-19 test?

There are several ways to get tested for COVID-19 in Rhode Island. Click here to find the test site closest to you.


Summer Is Heating Up on the Open Rhode!

Who doesn’t love a good road trip? Here in RI, we prefer a good Rhode trip. And we think you should hit the Open Rhode and explore the Ocean State this summer. We're digging out our bathing suits and flip-flops (who are we kidding, we've been in flip-flops since March) and getting ready for our best summer yet!

For indoor or rainy day fun (those new flowers need water, after all) explore our historic homes and Gilded Age mansions (as in HBO's The Gilded Age!), as well as our fascinating history and art museums.

As things warm up, you'll enjoy fantastic outdoor dining with waterfront or cityscape views, as well as outdoor beer gardens at our craft breweries. There's shopping and strolling our charming villages, and loads of fun for the littles at our zoo, playgrounds, carousels, and nature centers. There are also walking tours, boat tours, food tours, bus tours, garden tours, and more.

That's a lot to choose from, but you only need to answer one question: What will your summer be on the Open Rhode?